Friday, July 9, 2010

Domino Home Post 1

What I would like to express through this blog, are all the reasons why design and home are essential to living in peace and harmony with one’s self. Sometimes people overlook the importance of placement, color, contour and lighting when staging their lives and living areas where ultimately all things begin and end.

I think Italian modernist master Gio Ponti said it best. He believed that a home is full of emotion and is meant to be not only beautiful but practical as well, “alive, versatile, silent…to live in, in fortune and also in sorrow.”

With the past years of turmoil in the financial markets and the struggles passed down to the average American it stands to reason that “home is certainly where the heart is”. As we see more foreclosures and people being forced from their “homes” we must start reimagining and training ourselves to see home as a state of mind, and enforce that with the d├ęcor we choose. No longer is it about the biggest and the best, but about expressing what we hope, feel, think and long for.

While Jason and I traveled the country these last several years, “home” more often than not took the form of a hotel room. Where my husband, dogs and cat were is where my passion was, but bringing along my favorite throw blanket and candle helped create a place that we could all feel we belonged and enjoyed coming back to after a long day at work.

In my vision for Domino I see a place where an individual can come to find something special to bring inspiration to their lives and a since of power in the idea that there are some things we have control over, and your world is what you create it to be.

It’s truly not about what you buy; it’s about what you love. It’s no mystery that quality design like the classic Wassily Chair by Marcel Breuer designed in 1925 lasts through the ages because there was not only a great deal of precision and care that went into designing it, but people actually liked it and wanted to see it every day in their homes and offices. What’s more they actually felt comfortable when sitting in it! Now that’s a novel idea. So chances are, since the chair is still being produced nearly 130 years later, if you were to acquire one, it would stay in your life for some years to come.

Furniture, especially vintage pieces, speaks a language. Kitchen tables witness your most intimate moments with loved ones, couches support you, they watch the same movies cradle your sleep, chairs breathe life into a corner, lamps light the desk you write your thoughts, or aide you in your late night reading of a great book! You may not be aware, but these items bring energy to your life. The only question is what type of energy will you invite? So ask yourself, what could you change in your life with just a simple piece of furniture?

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  1. I'm so excited you've decided to blog LA and it was so nice seeing you today. A piece from Domino can certainly make my little home feel more like "mine"