Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ghost of Artists Past

This morning one of my delightful customers introduced me to the art of Louise Nevelson. This education was sparked by the large art piece I have hanging at Domino behind the counter. The completely white piece is constructed of computer packing material on canvas and creates a delightful abstract depiction of what some call an ancient city or others a modern cityscape. Whatever it is you see, Are’ Andi the local HP executive that created this work in the late 1960’s, was without a doubt inspired by Louise Nevelson.

My customer who had the privilege of meeting Louise in her 90’s while he was studying architecture at Cambridge described her small frame and bohemian style. Most often with a scarf tied around her hair and three layers of fake eye lashes, her unique style and brilliant sculptures inspired a principal that gives meaning to things once forgotten. In her words Nevelson described it best, "When you put together things that other people have thrown out, you’re really bringing them to life – a spiritual life that surpasses the life for which they were originally created."

The evolution of her work including the inspiration she gained from a Christmas Gift Box that led her to placing her wood and discarded objects assemblages in sectioned boxes and then stacking boxes to make room in her studio resulting in the vertical direction of her work, brought her to the creation of some of the most impressive and impacting sculptures. Noted as the leading

sculptor of the 20th century, as impressive as her pieces, one of them reaching three stories high, was her charisma and her way of looking at the world. Most of her creations were painted entirely in flat black and she believed in that color, “…black creates harmony and doesn’t intrude on the emotions.” She also explained, “I don’t think I chose it for black. I think it chose me for saying something. You see, it says more for me than anything else. In the academic world, they used to say black and white were no colors, but I'm twisting that to tell you that for me it is the total color. It means totality. It means:contains all."

With fresh inspiration from this incredible woman I am reminded of why I do what I do in this small corner of the world. My shop is my expression and my love of bringing once forgotten pieces to new life and hopefully inspiring others to see things in a different way. Every time someone reacts to something in Domino, whether good or bad, I have achieved my goal…to create my own assemblage…and possibility.

Sometimes people ask me if I’m an artist. To this I have thought about what I do, and how I live. My response has confidently become, “I am a creative. Everything I do is about expressing that creativity.” So when I learned about Louise Nevelson I found confirmation. Everything about the way she lived was art, “Every time I put on clothes, I’m creating a picture.” So is art imitating life or is life imitating art, or do they simply exist in perfect harmony?

Signing off for now,


Friday, September 10, 2010

Where once it was only a daydream, now it’s a reality; fall is at Domino’s doorstep and with its coming it brings yummy smelling candles, fur throw rugs, warm blankets and creamy colors that are sure to make you melt despite the temperature outside!

The new season also means premieres of some of your favorite shows, one of mine being Mad Men! So what is all the hype about? Why does this iconic show capture our hearts? Well if all the drama, fashion, lovely ladies and John Hamm aren’t enough to get your blood pumping then I’m sure the sexy retro furniture and accessories are!

Satisfying our need for modernism and more this show is sure to continue to produce a plethora of eye candy for the modernistic, atomic and mid-century modern aficionado for another glorious season. So grab your cocktail and let’s take a look at a few of the most fabulous and most shocking pieces seen on the set of the Mad Men series.

In Betty’s Updated Living Room who could forget the “fainting couch” that Betty had to have even against the advice of her decorator. No matter what your take is on the sofa, it goes to show that the right or wrong piece (in this case), can make or break a room.

In Don Draper’s Office

the Diz Armchair by Sergio Rodrigues

A Brazilian classic made from solid eucalyptus. This sleek curvy beauty is styled with looks and comfort in mind.

This double shaded fabulous lamp graces

Don Draper’s Desk. I love it and then some. Classic industrial meets art deco!Other lamps have graced the show, but there is something so symbolic of the two shades reaching into the two lives of Don Draper!

Let’s not forget where all the magic happens, or used to happen anyway, in Don and Betty’s Bedroom! Talk about regal. This Upholstered Tufted Platform Bed and Headboard makes for damn sure you sleep in style!

Truly I can’t express enough the magic that is Don Draper’s Office. All work and no play is not Mad Men’s problem! In actuality not everything on the set is purely vintage. While still keeping with the 1960’s spirit designers on the show like dabbling in a bit of Modern, as is the case with this Futurama sofa.

Ok now, time to wipe the drool from your mouth and take heart, you can always find a touch of Mad Men at Domino where we’re just mad about modern, mid-century and otherwise! (Bad joke right?)

Signing off for now,


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fall in July

July 22, 2010

Ok! Let’s jump right in…I am sooo ready for FALL!!

I know! I know! We aren’t even through July yet, but this happens every year. Just when I get enough sun and flowers I begin longing for crisp air and cool breezes; fires and crunchy leaves. Not only do I enjoy the nostalgia of fall, but I enjoy the change in décor and textiles that inevitably follows. Who doesn’t love snuggling with their favorite blanket perhaps while watching a scary movie as October approaches?

Of course you can’t talk about fall without talking about color. While bright hues fade into warm yellows, browns, and reds, it feels good to add some warmth to your home even using those very colors! When you start to think about the change that accompanies this season you begin to realize that fall is a prelude, a journey taken in preparation for the winter that lies not too far ahead. With cooler weather and visions of snowflakes dancing in ones’ head we should all be reminded of the coming retreat and refuge to be taken in our homes; becoming more acquainted with all things residing within the walls that surround us.

Alas, it truly is the time you will begin to see fall fashion premiering on the racks, and fall designs in the likes of Pottery Barn, West Elm, CB2, and Design Within Reach catalogs showing up at your door. If you did in fact recently peruse the West Elm fall catalog you might have noticed something exciting and new. It seems even the latest of furniture designs and designers are continuing to reinforce and embrace the ever unique and tempting combination of vintage with modern. All over this catalog you will find classic mid century modern pieces, rough industrial charms, and the smooth polish of a newly lacquered modern piece coming together to create a space that is nothing short of sensational!

I, of course, am thrilled! Offering my customer a one of a kind vintage piece that then works with already existing décor and new apparels is what Domino is all about. As it were, Domino is offering new fall and winter designs, furniture, colors and inspirations, making their debut the first weeks of August!

As far as I am concerned, welcome fall! Bring us a season full of cool nights and warm beginnings.

Hope to see you soon!

Singing off for now,


Friday, July 9, 2010

Domino Home Post 1

What I would like to express through this blog, are all the reasons why design and home are essential to living in peace and harmony with one’s self. Sometimes people overlook the importance of placement, color, contour and lighting when staging their lives and living areas where ultimately all things begin and end.

I think Italian modernist master Gio Ponti said it best. He believed that a home is full of emotion and is meant to be not only beautiful but practical as well, “alive, versatile, silent…to live in, in fortune and also in sorrow.”

With the past years of turmoil in the financial markets and the struggles passed down to the average American it stands to reason that “home is certainly where the heart is”. As we see more foreclosures and people being forced from their “homes” we must start reimagining and training ourselves to see home as a state of mind, and enforce that with the décor we choose. No longer is it about the biggest and the best, but about expressing what we hope, feel, think and long for.

While Jason and I traveled the country these last several years, “home” more often than not took the form of a hotel room. Where my husband, dogs and cat were is where my passion was, but bringing along my favorite throw blanket and candle helped create a place that we could all feel we belonged and enjoyed coming back to after a long day at work.

In my vision for Domino I see a place where an individual can come to find something special to bring inspiration to their lives and a since of power in the idea that there are some things we have control over, and your world is what you create it to be.

It’s truly not about what you buy; it’s about what you love. It’s no mystery that quality design like the classic Wassily Chair by Marcel Breuer designed in 1925 lasts through the ages because there was not only a great deal of precision and care that went into designing it, but people actually liked it and wanted to see it every day in their homes and offices. What’s more they actually felt comfortable when sitting in it! Now that’s a novel idea. So chances are, since the chair is still being produced nearly 130 years later, if you were to acquire one, it would stay in your life for some years to come.

Furniture, especially vintage pieces, speaks a language. Kitchen tables witness your most intimate moments with loved ones, couches support you, they watch the same movies cradle your sleep, chairs breathe life into a corner, lamps light the desk you write your thoughts, or aide you in your late night reading of a great book! You may not be aware, but these items bring energy to your life. The only question is what type of energy will you invite? So ask yourself, what could you change in your life with just a simple piece of furniture?

Signing off for now,