Friday, September 10, 2010

Where once it was only a daydream, now it’s a reality; fall is at Domino’s doorstep and with its coming it brings yummy smelling candles, fur throw rugs, warm blankets and creamy colors that are sure to make you melt despite the temperature outside!

The new season also means premieres of some of your favorite shows, one of mine being Mad Men! So what is all the hype about? Why does this iconic show capture our hearts? Well if all the drama, fashion, lovely ladies and John Hamm aren’t enough to get your blood pumping then I’m sure the sexy retro furniture and accessories are!

Satisfying our need for modernism and more this show is sure to continue to produce a plethora of eye candy for the modernistic, atomic and mid-century modern aficionado for another glorious season. So grab your cocktail and let’s take a look at a few of the most fabulous and most shocking pieces seen on the set of the Mad Men series.

In Betty’s Updated Living Room who could forget the “fainting couch” that Betty had to have even against the advice of her decorator. No matter what your take is on the sofa, it goes to show that the right or wrong piece (in this case), can make or break a room.

In Don Draper’s Office

the Diz Armchair by Sergio Rodrigues

A Brazilian classic made from solid eucalyptus. This sleek curvy beauty is styled with looks and comfort in mind.

This double shaded fabulous lamp graces

Don Draper’s Desk. I love it and then some. Classic industrial meets art deco!Other lamps have graced the show, but there is something so symbolic of the two shades reaching into the two lives of Don Draper!

Let’s not forget where all the magic happens, or used to happen anyway, in Don and Betty’s Bedroom! Talk about regal. This Upholstered Tufted Platform Bed and Headboard makes for damn sure you sleep in style!

Truly I can’t express enough the magic that is Don Draper’s Office. All work and no play is not Mad Men’s problem! In actuality not everything on the set is purely vintage. While still keeping with the 1960’s spirit designers on the show like dabbling in a bit of Modern, as is the case with this Futurama sofa.

Ok now, time to wipe the drool from your mouth and take heart, you can always find a touch of Mad Men at Domino where we’re just mad about modern, mid-century and otherwise! (Bad joke right?)

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